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Real Estate & Business Closings

Commercial Closing Lawyer in Hollywood, Florida

Real estate deals and business transactions require a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has your best interest in mind.  These transactions can quickly get overwhelming with so many forms to fill out, documents to sign, and legal jargon that is difficult to understand. We make real estate and business transactions easier on you and ensure you are avoiding any pitfalls.

The Advocate Consulting Law Group is registered as a title and escrow agent to help you from beginning to end with residential and commercial real estate closings, short sales, Bank/REO transactions, hard money/private, and construction loans, as well as refinancing. Whatever your real estate needs are, we can provide.

We also offer escrow services, drafting of seller documents, re-foreclosure, reviewing buyer documents, title curation, drafting of bank loan documents, title reports, and more. Real estate transactions have many moving pieces, and you don’t want to miss anything. We are meticulous and efficient and will keep track of all the particulars.

We will explain everything in terms you can understand so you know what you are signing. The closing process does not need to be a mystery, and with us, it won’t be. Let us take care of all the fine details while you focus on the big picture.


The Advocate Consulting Law Group drafts documents for the business closings including Asset Purchase Agreement, Bill of Sale, Shareholder Resolution, Assignment of Lease, etc., and we conduct all necessary researches for the business sale/purchase.
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