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Foreclosure Process

Facing Foreclosure: Your Path Forward

A foreclosure can be a tough and complicated situation for homeowners who can’t keep up with their mortgage payments. As your trusted attorney in Hollywood, Florida, we want to make this often-scary process easier to understand. Let us explore the different stages and results. Foreclosure usually starts when a homeowner…
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Slip And Fall

Things to Know About Slip and Fall Cases

Picture this: a regular day, you’re strolling through a store, and suddenly, gravity has other plans for you. Slip and fall accidents occur at least expected moments. In such moments, knowing what to do next is crucial. As the home of the best attorney in Miramar, Florida, THE ADVOCATE CONSULTING…
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Divorce Assets Division

Decoding Division of Assets and Property in Divorce

Divorce is not just an emotional journey but also a legal process that involves the division of assets and property acquired during the marriage. When two paths diverge, it’s time to untangle the knots and understand how this division works. The division of assets and property in divorce follows the…
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Getting a Divorce

Navigating the Path to Getting a Divorce

Preparing for a divorce is a challenging and emotional process. But it does not mean you need to do it alone. With a reliable attorney in Hollywood, Florida, a professional has your back – in one of the crucial times you may need one. Navigating the complex process of divorce…
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Child Support

The Legal Obligations for Child Support

A child needs all the help they can get to grow and develop into the adults they dream of being. Child support is a legal obligation that requires non-custodial parents to support their children financially. Whichever side of the parent you belong to, understanding the details surrounding child support is…
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Legal Counsel

Why You Need a Legal Counsel for All Your Transactions

You always want to get the best outcome in your dealings. But there are times that you need further interpretation of the agreements before you indulge. Maybe you find something suspicious or only want to understand further the deals you are supposed to enter. So to ensure the protection of…
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Claiming Personal Injury

Establishing the Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

If you were hurt in an injury that was caused by another person, you may file a claim for personal injury. But you should get acquainted with the various state laws that can affect your claim. It is recommended that you consult an attorney to know if your claim is…
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Losing Child Custody

Grounds for Losing Child Custody

It is the right of the child to be secure with both parents. However, in the case of a separating couple, it is the primary concern of the Family Lawyer and courts to ensure the child’s best interest and physical safety with their mother or father. They often set conditions…
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Foreclosure Process

Can You Stop a Foreclosure in Florida?

Foreclosures can impact most aspects of your life. It will rid you of properties, impact your credit score, and affect your ability to obtain another mortgage in the future. A judicial foreclosure proceeding in Florida means that you are in default of your mortgage payments for your home. It begins…
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Trust Funds

Spotting Mismanagement of Trust Funds

Opening a trust fund makes life more convenient as it helps ensure that your assets, whether they be a certain amount of money, properties, stocks, or companies, are properly managed until your beneficiaries come of a certain age. This also saves beneficiaries from the hassles of getting a Probate Lawyer…
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