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Legal Counsel

Why You Need a Legal Counsel for All Your Transactions

You always want to get the best outcome in your dealings. But there are times that you need further interpretation of the agreements before you indulge. Maybe you find something suspicious or only want to understand further the deals you are supposed to enter. So to ensure the protection of…
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Claiming Personal Injury

Establishing the Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

If you were hurt in an injury that was caused by another person, you may file a claim for personal injury. But you should get acquainted with the various state laws that can affect your claim. It is recommended that you consult an attorney to know if your claim is…
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Losing Child Custody

Grounds for Losing Child Custody

It is the right of the child to be secure with both parents. However, in the case of a separating couple, it is the primary concern of the Family Lawyer and courts to ensure the child’s best interest and physical safety with their mother or father. They often set conditions…
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Foreclosure Process

Can You Stop a Foreclosure in Florida?

Foreclosures can impact most aspects of your life. It will rid you of properties, impact your credit score, and affect your ability to obtain another mortgage in the future. A judicial foreclosure proceeding in Florida means that you are in default of your mortgage payments for your home. It begins…
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Trust Funds

Spotting Mismanagement of Trust Funds

Opening a trust fund makes life more convenient as it helps ensure that your assets, whether they be a certain amount of money, properties, stocks, or companies, are properly managed until your beneficiaries come of a certain age. This also saves beneficiaries from the hassles of getting a Probate Lawyer…
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Divorce Process

What Causes Married Couples to Divorce?

Married couples contemplating divorce have been in a constant dilemma regarding the status of their relationship. There are various factors or causes why couples decide to divorce each other. Among these include: Constant arguing and unresolved conflicts result in failure in communication Incompatibility and growing apart from each other due…
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Explore What a Probate Is and How It Works

When a deceased person leaves behind a last will and testament, then it must first undergo the process of probate before such properties or assets may be distributed to the heirs or persons named therein. In a probate proceeding, the court will review and approve the will, if it complies…
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Immigration Cases

Why Get Representation in Immigration Cases?

Do you have any legal issues regarding your immigration status or any other immigration-related matter? It is important to know who to hire in immigration cases. Before hiring someone to represent you, you have to know and understand what specific field of law they are experts in. In this case,…
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Accident Lawyers

How Long After a Car Accident Can I Sue?

A property damage claim that arose from a car accident will also have an expiration period which is 4 years. For wrongful death, plaintiffs will only have 2 years to file a lawsuit in Florida. This expiration date or deadline pertains to all types of accidental deaths like fatal car,…
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Common Questions About Probate

Probate is a formal process of asset and debt division when your loved ones pass away. During the legal process, a personal representative may be appointed to oversee the estate, distribute remaining properties and assets to the intended beneficiaries. The representative will also pay creditors in accordance with the law….
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