Foreclosure Process

Can You Stop a Foreclosure in Florida?


Foreclosures can impact most aspects of your life. It will rid you of properties, impact your credit score, and affect your ability to obtain another mortgage in the future.

A judicial foreclosure proceeding in Florida means that you are in default of your mortgage payments for your home. It begins when the lender files a lawsuit in court and asks for an order allowing a foreclosure sale in which the proceeds from such sale will be applied to your outstanding balance or debt. If you want an in-depth explanation for this, it is always best to consult a lawyer. But be sure to choose the best lawyer in Pembroke Pines, Florida, if you live in that area!

For your ready reference, there are ways to stop foreclosure. You can reinstate the loan, redeem the property before the sale, or file for bankruptcy. Our attorney in Hollywood, Florida, will advise you to take these initial steps first if you can.

Reinstating the loan you took can be done even if Florida does not provide a statutory right to reinstate a loan before the sale. Many mortgage contracts provide the borrower this right in the form of a right to cure the default after the acceleration and reinstate the loan. Be sure to check your loan documents and see if this right is available to you.

You can also redeem the property before its sale by paying off the full amount of the loan. If this fails, filing for bankruptcy might be an option. Once you file for bankruptcy, an “automatic stay” goes into effect.

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Common Questions About Probate

common-questions-about-probateProbate is a formal process of asset and debt division when your loved ones pass away. During the legal process, a personal representative may be appointed to oversee the estate, distribute remaining properties and assets to the intended beneficiaries. The representative will also pay creditors in accordance with the law. In certain circumstances, Probate can be hard to avoid, hence on of the best attorneys in Hollywood, Florida listed a few common questions and answers regarding the matter.

  • Does a Will need to be probated?
    The short answer is yes. The Will will have to be validated and authenticated during the probate process. If a Will is found to be valid, the Judge will order the Representative to distribute assets according to the Will.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost varies depending on the factors such as having a Will, how big the real estate is, and the residence. However, you may have to expect costs for attorney fees, compensation for the executor/representative, probate bond, court fees, and notice fees.
  • How long does Probate take?
    The process depends on whether the probate is contested or not. If the probate is not contested, it may take several months to fully administer the estate. If there are contested circumstances, the process may take several years.
    Considering the aging population, it is important to ensure the proper division of your loved one’s estate. There are lawyers in Hollywood, Florida that are true to their passion and are ready to assist you in your legal needs.

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