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Immigration Lawyer

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

There will be circumstances along our way as we are in the process of achieving our goals or dreams in life. Most people want to live in a place or a country that they have always dreamed about. So if you need someone to take your side in matters concerning…
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A Short Checklist for Closing Your Business

While it is always up to you how you want to end the business, as any lawyer in Hollywood, Florida would tell you, it is never wise to close down without a plan. At the very least, you need to consider your impact on your staff, cosigners, and lenders, and…
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Reasons to Make Finding the Right Lawyer a Priority

As advocates for your rights and the home for the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida, we know that being involved in lawsuits, personal accidents, foreclosures, and the like are emotionally distressing situations. Unfortunately, these can also cause you to make hasty decisions such as not doing due diligence before hiring…
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How Long Does a Foreclosure Process Take?

When facing a foreclosure, you would need to have everything in order so you can have the best possible outcomes for your situation. One of the key areas you would have to be knowledgeable in is the timeline of the foreclosure process. As any attorney in Hollywood, Florida would know,…
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Father’s Rights

What Are Your Rights as a Father in Florida?

Not being part of your child or children’s life can be devastating. Fortunately, as a noncustodial parent, you can have the right access to them by establishing paternity, that is, by identifying yourself as the legal father of a child. With your paternity proven, you can enjoy your rights as…
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Divorce Proceedings

Some Don’ts During Divorce Proceedings

A divorce is a time unlike any other. Between keeping yourself on top of your responsibilities and grieving the finality of your marriage, it’s easy to make mistakes. But some mistakes are costlier than others. That is why you need the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida you can get your…
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Personal Injury

Do You Have a Case for Personal Injury?

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries from a vehicular accident or an intentional act like battery and assault, you may find yourself questioning whether you can claim a personal injury claim. The second question you may have in mind is who is the best attorney in Hollywood,…
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Family Issues

The Best Attorney for Family Issues

THE ADVOCATE CONSULTING LAW GROUP specializes, among others, as a family lawyer. Family law practice covers a lot of legal issues involving family matters. From pre-nuptial agreements to divorce proceedings, from mediating disagreements among family members to settling estates, and even custody or guardianship issues. Even before marriage, a family…
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Estate Plan

Why You Need to Have an Estate Plan

Are you considering having an estate plan? Or you haven’t convinced yourself on having an estate plan? An individual must know why you need to have an estate plan. As the head of the family, you should set things right in your estate. Having an estate plan is an essential…
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Child Support

What You Should Know About Child Support

Child support is an obligation by either parent, provided by law. It is court enforcement to secure payment between parents for the expenses for the upbringing of their children. THE ADVOCATE CONSULTING LAW GROUP is the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida and among our specialized areas of practice is divorce…
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