Family Issues

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THE ADVOCATE CONSULTING LAW GROUP specializes, among others, as a family lawyer. Family law practice covers a lot of legal issues involving family matters. From pre-nuptial agreements to divorce proceedings, from mediating disagreements among family members to settling estates, and even custody or guardianship issues.

Even before marriage, a family lawyer can already assist in the preparation and execution of a pre-nuptial agreement. Usually, the agreement will relate to division of properties and other assets and custody of children, if any. On the other hand, when a senior family member wants to make a will for his or her properties and valuables, legal assistance in drafting and in the probate of such last will is provided by a family lawyer. On matters like these, you need the best lawyer in Hollywood, Florida.

When problems arise among family members, a family lawyer can mediate so that the dispute can be amicably settled. And when the couple can no longer agree and reconcile with each other and divorce is the only option left, then a family lawyer is needed. Separation can be acrimonious, but negotiations or even litigation itself can be deftly handled by our expert divorce attorney in Hollywood, Florida.

Separation between couples, particularly when they have common children, also involves custody and support. The best solution would be for the parties to come to an agreement rather to have the matter resolved by litigation. A competent family lawyer can give valuable legal assistance in negotiating and drafting such custody agreement.

We are the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida and if you need assistance in any of these family law issues, you should contact us. We also provide services in other practice areas should you need an immigration lawyer, probate lawyer, or accident attorney.

Divorce Process

Guiding You Through Your Divorce Process

Guiding You Through Your Divorce Process

Going through a divorce is stressful in a lot of ways. In Florida, the legal grounds for divorce are the irretrievably broken marriage or mental incapacity of one of the parties. Thus, it is expected that emotions are running high for both parties. During this difficult time, The Advocate Consulting Law Group can lend a hand in handling the legal matters of the process. Our experienced divorce attorney will uphold and fight for your rights with the utmost passion. Here are the services our law firm can help you with during your divorce:

  • Offer you alternatives and options.
    Having your best interest in mind, we can look for legal alternatives such as amicable settlements that can save you time or money.
  • Handle your child support or custody cases.
    Sometimes, divorce cases pave the way to further custody or support cases. You can rest assured that our family law attorney in Hollywood, Florida, can represent you when it comes to these cases.
  • Give you peace of mind.
    Our law group understands that in family law cases, the exposure of the children to the legal problem at hand should be minimized. Your cases will be handled by the best lawyer in Hollywood, Florida, in terms of legal expertise with sensitivity and compassion to you, our clients.

For your family law woes, consult with us and be represented by the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida.