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Do You Need an Attorney to Write a Will?

Do You Need an Attorney to Write a Will?

For many, creating a will seems like acknowledging their inevitable demise and even actively planning for it, which is why two out of five Americans don’t have a will over age 45. However, writing a will assisted by an attorney in Hollywood, Florida is the most crucial thing you can do for your loved ones.

But do you really need to hire a lawyer to create your will? The answer is no. You are not required to, although you can greatly benefit from an experienced attorney’s advice. There are various DIY will-writing choices in the market that you can even write your will at the back of a napkin.

When you search for “estate planning software” or “online wills” on the Internet, you can find so many options. You can also check libraries or bookstores for will-writing guidelines. Your state’s seniors’ department can even direct you to free or low-cost estate planning resources.

With or without the help of a lawyer in Hollywood, Florida, as long as the will you drafted meets the state’s legal requirements, it will pass as valid. However, the downside of drafting a will by yourself may show in the later years.

While you may choose not to hire the best lawyer in Hollywood, Florida in writing your will, your heir may soon face the consequences of even the simplest mistakes you make in your draft. Also, the laws governing wills are different from one state to another, so having a lawyer for this would be the wisest thing to do.

If you already consider writing your will, THE ADVOCATE CONSULTING LAW GROUP has the best attorney in Hollywood, Florida to help you.

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